The Emo Crowd.

Every school has one.  They like to pretend they’re cool.  They’re just like you.  Only they like being different.  They like the power they feel from having a different title to an ‘ordinary’ teacher.  But you don’t understand.  You have no idea what it’s like to be them.  They try to blend in with each other.  They don’t like to stand out and be noticed.  Just follow the crowd, do as the other emos are doing, there’s solidarity if we’re all in this together, right?!  They hide behind the hair dragging over their face, pretending they don’t have their own views.  In the rarest of times they do provide their view, they make sure it follows the same chord structure and passionless ways as the others.  Heaven forbid they stand out.

Middle leadership. You know them.  They’re the emo crowd.  They want to be different to the teachers.  Is it the power?  The title? The TLR? The money?  The adoration?  Probably a culmination of many.  But they don’t really want the responsibility.  Or to be recognised as too different.  And they don’t want to be fully accountable.  If I can hide then I can’t be held responsible.  Children didn’t make progress?  Well, that’s because….  Excuse after excuse.  Where’s the accountability?  Where’s the sticking your neck on the line?  But most importantly of all – how did you not notice throughout the year?  

As senior leadership this is our problem.  Too often heavy metal fans tolerate emos.  They may snigger behind their backs about their clothes and their hair. But don’t voice their dislike.  And that’s where the problem lies.  By tolerating emos, with their bland music and their ‘hide behind my hair and pretend the world isn’t happening’ attitude, the heavy metal leadership is being negligent.  Yes, emos should be taking accountability, but if heavy metal leadership isn’t willing to pig squeal, make themselves heard, and actually hold the emos to account, then they have no right to complain when responsibility isn’t taken.

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